What You Can Expect During And After Lasik Eye Surgery

If you have decided to go through with having lasik eye surgery, you are in for a great experience. Lasik eye surgery will allow you to see better without the use of corrective lenses. However, many people put off having the procedure done out of a fear of having surgery done on their eyes. The good news is the procedure isn't painful and numbing drops are the only anesthetic needed. If you are planning on having lasik eye surgery, you should read this article so you know exactly what to expect when you go in and once you get home.

What to expect during the procedure

When you go in for the procedure, the eye surgeon will place a few drops of numbing drops in your eye. This will prevent you from feeling anything that's happening during the procedure. If you are very nervous, you may also be given a medication to help calm you down.

The surgeon will use a device to keep your eyelids open during the procedure. During the procedure, the flap will be created and the laser will be used to shave and reshape the cornea to correct your vision. While the laser is being used, the surgeon will direct you to look directly at a light and not move your eye.

The only way you will know anything is happening with the laser is by the clicking sound and a light amount of pressure. The entire procedure will happen very quickly, generally not lasting longer than a few minutes. Once the surgery is done, the flap will be put back in place where it will act as a natural bandaid. The surgeon will then move on to your other eye.

What to expect after the procedure

There may be a light burning feeling experienced once the drops begin to wear off, but it generally doesn't last longer than a few minutes. You may want to have a friend or family member with you so they can be your ride home. You should expect your vision to be fuzzy for the rest of the day. You should be fully recovered and have your new eyesight within a few days, although it can take up to a week or so in some cases.

The surgeon will have set up a date for you to come in to see them again. At this appointment, they will look at your eyes and give you an eye exam. After you pass the eye exam, you can start driving again. If you are interested in lasik eye surgery, contact a clinic such as the Eye Institute of South Jersey