App-Based Mobile Vision Care: How Can You Use It To Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

Keeping up with your vision care can be difficult if you live a busy work or school life. If you develop a vision problem and don't receive care in a timely manner, it may place your eyes at risk for disease and other issues. A growing number of opticians and eye specialists now offer different types of mobile vision care services to fit the schedules of busy patients, including app-based eye exams.

Things Starting To Look Blurry When You Look Down? Some Options For Correcting Your Vision

If you have to get a magnifying glass to read small print, such as a book that you are reading or a recipe you wrote down years ago, your doctor will likely prescribed bifocals. Below is some information about bifocals, as well as some other options you have. Bifocals Bifocals will correct both your nearsighted or farsighted vision, as well as correct the vision when you look down at small print in one single lens.

Need Laser Safety Glasses? Here's What To Focus On

Many items used from day-to-day, such as barcode scanners and laser pointers, make use of the power of laser technology. However, if you plan to do regular work with lasers, it is a good idea to acquire quality laser safety glasses. Lasers can cause retinal problems and in some cases even lead to blindness after prolonged exposure, so wearing safety glasses can protect your vision over time. You may not know what to look for when buying these glasses; focus on the following factors when selecting a suitable pair.

3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes

Many people take a good deal of time and invest a lot of money taking care of their body. They take extreme measures to protect different parts of their body, but fail to do the simplest things to protect one of their most important organs: their eyes. It is vital that you understand how to protect your eyes and when to seek medical attention. Here are some things you should know.

Three Health Conditions That May Be Detected During An Eye Exam

Generally, when people think of eye exams, they assume that all that is being evaluated is whether or not they need glasses to correct their vision. While often this is the eye doctor's primary focus when examining the eyes, there are a number of other health conditions that may first be detected during an eye exam, giving you all the more reason to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis.